How to tasting cognac like a master

When it comes to tasting the cognac, senior, has formed his own theory of tasting mostly, and the primary drinker will in tasting a little strange.

For starters, how to correctly tasting cognac not let a person feel at a loss.In fact, the cognac was not the only way of tasting.Over the past several decades, the cognac bound to change before the square of the product image: in the old board to decorate a room, a man dressed in a velvet jackets sitting in front of the fireplace, holding a glass of cognac, still use the traditional large spherical cup...

Now, more content on the cognac.In fact, the most important principle in ways pleasant tasting cup of wine:Can the traditional pure drink, can also add ice drink, or with soda water, or a cocktail modulation.We all can realize the cognac with wonderful feeling.

Since the 17th century, the cognac has already been a lot of historical celebrities, such as Churchill, napoleon.To understand how to tasting the cognac, first you need to know some basic knowledge.Dry city districts are divided into different regions, each region soil composition is different.This is the cognac present different tasting result one of the main reasons.Cognac tasting result different the second element is the deployment process: winemakers with its rich experience will be different the water of life, in order to achieve good quality.

How to tasting it?This is the key of this article.We will be divided into the following ten simple steps.

First, choose the cognac

The first step is obviously very necessary that you need to make sure is what kind of cognac tasting.According to different age, the cognac is divided into different levels.Usually, we will be divided into three broad categories.


First is Very Special, also commonly referred to as samsung (✯ ✯ ✯).This is the most young cognac, aged in oak barrels for at least two years.Given that most of the cognac is mixing type, so here refers to the deployment of the youngest cognac botting wine ages.


The next level is Very Special Old Pale, namely the deployment of the cognac botting wine age of the youngest of 4 years.

-- -- --XO

For Extra Old, now refers to the deployment of the youngest botting wine ages for 6 years.But from April 1, 2018 began to this level to raise the minimum age for 10 years.

Of course there are other level indicator, such as the case and the Vieux, but the most common level is still a VS, VSOP, and XO.

Second, choose glass

Pure drinking cognac there are two basic cup type, tulip cup and spherical cup (brandy cups).The cup played a major role, at the bottom of the cup by close to narrowing in order to condense the cognac aroma.If you don't have such a special cup, ordinary spherical glass and we can substitute.

Three, cognac a cup

When the cognac from the bottle into the glass, we can hear the sound of the sweet cognac.Complete a cognac tasting, you need to about 25 ml (0.85 oz) cognac.

Fourth, to handle the temperature preheating cognac

There is a small bit of controversy, because some schools think this step is unnecessary.However,It has been a traditional way to practice for centuries, there must be reasons for its existence.It is recommended that holding a glass, keep for 10 minutes.This will make wine temperature up to room temperature (70 degrees Fahrenheit, or 21 degrees Celsius).So the temperature of the environment makes the cognac open more elegant scent.

Five, the concept of color

Color for the visual experience, it is very important, because the cognac color can roughly reflect the aging wine age.Usually, young cognac straw or the color of honey, as the growth of the age, color transition to gold, deep gold, amber even deeper color, this is because the oak tannins lead to changes in.

Six, wen xiang

This is to point to by the sense of smell can capture the cognac aroma characteristics.Its nose overforwardly into glass edge inspiratory, depending on the age of cognac, you will perceive different fruit or flowers.Wen xiang is very subjective, of course, different people may smell different aroma.Remember, when tasting dry city is never right and wrong, just different personal perception.

Seven, cognac shake cup

This will greatly conducive to release the wine aroma.

Eight, sniff again

Rotor, there you will find more new fragrance is becoming more and more obvious.

Nine, tasting the cognac

Light action a small mouth, mouth taste buds will capture the different regions of different flavours.This part of the tasting referred to as the taste.Don't swallow, let the wine all areas covering the mouth, the necessary steps to make the fragrance of taste buds perceive different in different areas of the oral cavity, such as from the tip of the tongue to the cheeks.Therefore, to mobilize all the senses to appreciate the charm of cognac.

Ten, enjoy the aftertaste

"Finish" here refers to swallow mouth after cognac, mouth still intoxicated in the cognac aroma.The more old cognac, the longer the mouth aftertaste.

So far, I think you already know how to tasting the cognac, actually this is not imagination of so mysterious.The more you practice, there would be more easy to distinguish the different aroma.As mentioned earlier, the modern actually exist a lot of kinds of enjoy cognac way, some people like ice, and claims that such can release more aroma;There are also some people join other drinks, such as coke;At present the most popular way for cocktails.

Tasting the cognac is the most important thing is that you enjoy the process.So don't for others can identify certain aroma and you can't, just enjoy everything you perceive.If some people identify aroma of honey fruit, but you perceive is full of licorice, it does not matter.Every human senses, after all, there are differences, it is not important, although to relax, but find fun.

Cognac brewing intended for pleasure, heartily enjoy your collection "the water of life".