Review activity | Polywines successfully hosts the maserati car owners' banquet.

On January 20,

Poly car & poly wine & 1767 COCOON creative restaurant

The success of the17 have your "Thanksgiving" poly family dinner

Family dinner including Poly select cocktail party and

Maserati owner to enjoy dinner

Spending spending spending maserati car show

Spending spending spending bring out the best in each other's grape wine and creative cuisine

Spending spending spending poly industry sponsored by surprise gift

Spending spending spending long table layout

Spending spending spending activity invited outstanding musicians for live performances on the violin

2018/1/20 15:00
Selection of cocktail party
Hosted by poly Viola liquor brand department manager
For guests and tasting wine etiquette knowledge

Borlaug sparkling wine

Debauchery glittering and translucent and bright, the pale straw yellow
Rich and fresh aroma and citrus, white flowers smell perfect balance
Taste light, delicate and fresh
A mixture of mousse carter, pleasant aroma, aftertaste
Can undertake collocation with any food
And grilled fish, stew meat, and goat cheese is the ideal choice

Ya shi dry white wine (green label

This wine presents bright pale yellow grain rod
Fresh and fruity aroma
The classic and elegant white sauvignon blanc grapes
Fresh white neon, rumba with long aftertaste and smoky aromas
Good acidity, mouth with lemon fruit and mineral notes
With salads, seafood, sashimi and so on can be a perfect match
After the cold drink taste good

Ya shi dry red wine (red mark)

It is a very wonderful wine
Fruity and soft wine
Balance and delicate
Class red fruit aroma with spicy aroma
Cocoa and mocha aromas to make it more attractive
Art blend complex barrel aromatic blend

Card and gravels castles dry red wine

The wine is deep ruby red
And with a light orange color edge
The attractive rich plum, black truffle and chocolate flavor
Glowing light hazelnut and almond aroma
Soft tannins, such as smooth as velvet texture
Full of cherry and spice and pepper nuances
Palate and detailed, is a rare vintage wine

2018/1/20 17:00
Carefully prepared poly wine for the dinner
A pleasant celebration sparkling wine
Two romantic elegant dry red wine
And a charismatic half sweet white wine

The shrike, toure peach sparkling wine

A delicate rose wines
Sufficient attractive, bubbles and vitality
Bouquet of aromas of berries
The taste of the wild strawberry is most prominent
Potential lies in the strict fine taste
Sour taste, fine and preparation of mineral and fruit and a long finish
As a perfect aperitif, the most suitable with cheese and fruit for dessert

Ronald dry red wine

This wine presents intense ruby red colour
Aroma fragrance, with unique fragrance
Black cherry, ripe blueberries and black truffle
The entrance to the strong do not break delicate
Oak barrels aging gives its complex fruity taste and balanced tannins
Personality, aftertaste persistent abundance

Love's Tang preferred dry red wine

Colour rendering beautiful fuchsia shading is deeper
With rich red fruits aroma
As if place oneself baking workshop, with vanilla and dried fruit flavor
Shows the stretch between the lips, very smooth, perfect sensory experience
Full-bodied fragrance aftertaste making a person is boundless

Ya shi half sweet white wine (JiBiao)

Using a single region, a single vineyard, a single species
Just pick the most ripe grapes, select 14 ℃ low temperature fermentation method
Very fresh, fruity, sweet and sour moderate
Peach and citrus aromas
Pure and fresh and rich
This is an elegant and pure wine, very easy to drink

Thanksgiving all the way with you!Thanks with you!