Spring, drink wine for health.

On 4 February, spring begins.

Spring is not only the first solar term in Chinese lunar 24 solar terms, or from the strict division of astronomy.In nature, in people's mind, spring means that the bright sunshine and gentle breeze, charactizing a fine spring day.Spring also means that all things grow, peasant sowing.Qunfang spectrum of ancient books about spring explanation is: ", was built.ChunQi began to set up also."

Spring is the year's nourishing the liver Yang the main period, on the work and rest time, people also should comply with the laws of nature, "late to bed and early to rise, worsening xing" (at the latest not more than 23);In the aspect of mental health, to strictly avoid rage, more avoid melancholy, be open-minded, keep the mood cheerful.

Book of songs have cloud: this spring liquor in the eyebrow life of interface.Spring season can moderate drinking wine, wine contains nutrients can make the person spirit, physical and mental pleasure, morning and evening drink health wine, a relaxed in a good mood!

Live longer --

Studies have shown that daily drink wine, than drinking beer and other alcoholic beverages longer life.

Spring begins after a period of time, often changes in temperature, beware of pollen, especially for the weak, a cold, fever is often the things.In dietary respect, some of the "taste" food can prevent colds, such as ginger slice, celery, etc., but most don't sweetness that has an elegant and pleasant way is to replace the wine.Experts said that this grape wine in moderation, can make the body stronger, to prevent typhoid cold spring, such as respiratory tract infections.


Europeans have long useful heating wine to cure a cold remedies.In many novel or the film and television works can also be seen by heating wine Cuba to cure disease.

Heat a small glass of red wine, and then in an egg, a little after churning stop heating, while warm wine with eggs take together.This kind of famous wine "eggs" of traditional method to cure a cold is the germans.Friends can try ~ don't like to take medicine

Spring, is not only an ancient solar terms, is also one of the important traditional folk festivals.Spring begins on the day of her diet custom, in some areas of the ripening is calling "bite spring".

Ripening is flour poker or steamed into a pancake, edible, often package with leek, bean sprouts, fans and fire into the dish.

Qing poetry wing chun pan cakes, "red and smooth cream white, intimate stove.This full moon, cutting thin soft roll thin cylinder.Tibetan silk wisps of dispute, only chew taste."

Northern cities more is given priority to with "Beijing roast duck, pork dishes, match with pancakes, and according to individual hobby with appropriate seasoning, such as spring onion and the sweet bean sauce, garlic, etc., can match to table drinking white wine -- Bright color, aromas of fresh flowers, or lively, or elegant acidity and balance, gently sip, will leave you, with a long finish.

Stepping on the footsteps of spring, the road more walk more wide, pursue spring beat, continuously open mind, happy forever and ever.

Polywines wish you a happy spring!