Activity review | Polywines sponsor CPIC @ StArt Festival 2018

The combination of art and wine is a source of inspiration

Sinan mansions
StArt Festival 2018

During the May Day
The whole thinks the blocks,
Ocean flows into joy.
Art like water flows through thinks the 15 public space
Stir all cheer!

Party guests, are from all over the world
"Prehistoric creatures appeared on earth.
Goddess of dance and virtual 3 d arm fall in love
One of the band
Interesting soul hidden in the "back"...

Corner met art, artist went out of the theatre,
Into the streets, in dramatic manner, leading the art life!

How to train your dragon masters with her two naughty prehistoric "of pet"
Among the thinks the streets

ROM. Artists ga from Turin, Italy
One set of a band

Big eyes puppet they like alien to ET
Eyes gleaming Exploration in the crowd

In this activity
Poly alcohol
Emotional sponsored the many high quality wines
Yangxin vintages from Montenegro --
Ronald dry red wine

Russia royalty chateau --
O borlaug toure peach sparkling wine
O borlaug pink sparkling wine

Maserati high-end custom wine
Maserati asti beautiful peach dry red wine

* in the most on the left side of the wine for the activity

Polyeines@ the onsite

Activity photos, sailing origami, Marine coloured drawing or pattern

Thank you for
The Pacific insurance yulan good family club
Shanghai poly theater
The sailboat leadership