Mother's day 丨 Goddess forever!

5.13 mother's day

When we were young, we are the angels of the mother,

She gave us all the best ~ ~

Youth, beauty and love

Don't know since when,

Our worst temper all gave her.

She has always been the most understanding of our people.
But we is perfunctory her.

"All people are concerned about you fly high is not high,
Mother will care about you fly tired not tired."

But, every second growth of time,
Is she the murderer of aging.

If I go back in time,
I hope you will forever young!

Close to the mother's day!
In previous years are flowers send carnations,
This year I want to let mother become beautiful to keep youth!
Choose a few wines,
Health and beauty, raise colour anti-aging!
Time please ~ good to mom
I am very, very love her!

Reunion wine 

Mother's day to go home with their families, there will be a table about the best dishes, delicious sweetness tribute wine, of course, is indispensable. Smile is the hard truth to keep healthy.

Prolong life 

According to investigation statistics, the people who live in the region of the wine, because of the chance of drinking wine is more, so a longer life expectancy.

Beauty raise colour anti-aging 

Believe that the world all mothers have a wish: youth and beauty forever.Wine contains more antioxidants, which can eliminate or against oxygen free radicals, so that - with the role of the old disease.

Prevention of breast cancer 

In 2015, scientists released a study in the United States, they in the lab from grape skins and grape seed extract a technique called "resveratrol" anti-cancer substances, can be effective in preventing breast cancer.

To prevent cardiovascular disease 

Lead to cardiovascular disease is the culprit is the human body blood high levels of cholesterol and blood fat.And the effect of red wine is healthy, is an excellent good helper to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Enclose a copy of mother's day to send wine guide, sincere blessing ~

Young girl heart, back to Korean dramas and lovely mother most like sweet wine.Therefore, a fresh fruit aroma, with floral and honey aroma of half a sweet white wine will be able to make them smile.The big full - from 100% (Gros Manseng) made of ya shi (ji) half sweet white wine, pure and fresh and rich, elegant and pure, can let her smile bloom sweeter than wine.

If your mom is lively, whimsy and love to laugh, then this choose and gave her a what kind of wine?Answer is sparkling wine, whether o borlaug sparkling wines (Brut), borlaug pink sparkling wines (Rose) or o borlaug half dry type high foam sparkling wines (Semi - Sweet) to please the mothers of sunshine.

If your mother the pursuit of fashion, novelty, it will choose bold wine as a gift to her.Classic Chile jiamei na (Carmenere) won't wrong, a Central Valley (Central Valley) produce high acidity, rich berry flavor and subtle pepper flavor of luton jiamei na dry red wine is definitely her food.Very well with chicken, lamb, cheese, wine high cost performance, is a mature quality daily table wine.