Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival will come
Zongzi, boiled eggs, realgar wine
Insert mugwort, Dai Xiang bag, dragon boat racing
Each culture symbol recall the childhood memories
Deep thoughts warm long

Through the ages
Chinese people in the "Dragon Boat Festival day.
There is a common custom
Eat!Reed!The child!

General meat reed
Will match the tea
Go fat, digestion

▼ ▼
Or with a salted duck egg
Respect tradition

<Small encyclopedia>

The Dragon Boat Festival - cold wet, dispelling the ruling
Eat five yellow is the han folk customs
Popular in the south
According to the lunar calendar may
Jiangnan said "five yellow moon"
Because of "yellow" the sound of food with five listed the name
Namely, eel, yellow croaker, cucumber, salted egg yellow and realgar wine

But the yearly dragon boat cruise around are the same
Even the qu yuan said "is very bored"
Mo not try try also take with Portugal wine???????
Feeling is "salty sweet pie"

<Salty pie>

Meat reed + Silas

Meat reed taste sweet, oil is not greasy,
Red yellow bright color, unique flavor.
With wine: Silas
Syrah wine aroma is rich, full taste sweet,
With thick fresh blackberries, black berries aromas,
Collocation meat reed, can play the role of greasy elimination.

Egg yolk meat reed + merlot

The fresh leaves mixed with a fresh aroma,
Let a person lick one's chaps, add an egg yolk,
Let salty sweet rice dumplings with a sweet taste, unique flavor.
With wine: merlot
Merlot taste soft, fruity, the entry is smooth,
With egg yolk meat reed is a piece of my heart.

Luxury chestnut reed + pinot noir

Brown rice, gingko, conpoy, abalone,
Chinese chestnut, mushrooms, egg yolk, shrimp...
Look at all drooling
With wine: pinot noir
Pinot noir aroma is exquisite, the liquor abundantly,
Easy entry, taste slightly almond fragrance,
Will the taste of Chinese chestnut reed.
In general, salty pie proper collocation of red wine!

<Sweet pie>

In a reed + riesling

See, not only the shape is beautiful,
Sweet and delicious, but also nourishing effect.
With wine: riesling
Riesling with fragrant aroma,
The taste of a multi-level, and sweet reed and bring out the best in each other.

Red jujube reed + sauvignon blanc

Sweet and not greasy, moist, make the person aftertaste.
With wine: sauvignon blanc
Sauvignon blanc sour heavy, fragrant,
Has a smell of grass, small and soft tasty, delicious.

Bean paste reed + chardonnay

Unique flavor, taste rich, let a person lick one's chaps.
With wine: chardonnay
Chardonnay wine fragrance, taste mellow
With reed red bean paste is a perfect fit!
Sweet pie members with sparkling wine will have a wonderful chemical reaction!


Happy Dragon Boat Festival